Amb. Sarah Serem Visits Oracom Group

It was a great pleasure to host Amb. Sarah Serem, the former chairperson, Salaries and Remuneration Commission at our offices. Her outstanding intelligence left us inspired and encouraged. She was surprised to see how an upcoming company solely comprised of the youth could have such a shake in technology. Our newest innovation, Mybigorder Kenya captured her attention even more.

Amb. Serem was deeply mesmerized to see a team of at least 40 young people working together in total collaboration. The company’s aim is one, to show the world what we’ve got and impact Kenya in the web industry and beyond. The motherly leader shared great light moments with the young Kenyans in a boardroom setting where they made her understand how their normal working day looks.

“I honestly didn’t anticipate to find such energy housed together in one office. I must say, that you people have made me feel quite young. I’ve not experienced such an easy yet serious team in an employment setting.” She said.

Amazingly, the ambassador was to spend only a few minutes at Oracom. How close to an hour ended with her in the same premises, neither her nor the Oracom staff can really explain. One would say, the two parties just clicked right; it was more of a mother-children moment. She encouraged the young ones to work hard and seize every opportunity they spot to get better.

Lastly, the team had a photo shoot with the great lady of our land. It was evident that the short haired ladies felt more entitled to the all-smiles mother. It was simply a joyful afternoon full of inspiration to the young Kenyans by one who has been there before. To cap it all, a long-lasting friendship was established.

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