Oracom at Homeboyz Radio; Reaching all with Technology

When it comes to technology, Oracom Web Solutions is never hindered. Despite the fact that all the available staff for the Homeboyz Radio show weren’t conversant with the ‘street language’ (Sheng), we just couldn’t let the opportunity pass. Almost everybody feared that they would fail to deliver to the listeners as per expectations. But being techno-lovers, we had to do it. We had to inspire that young person listening to the show from all over the radio reach and be sure we did it!

We stormed HOMEBOYZ Radio with swag and all confidence. Our representatives, Alphonce Juma and Eunice Nyambura did us proud. One, they agreed to take the challenge. It’s what happens when you know what you have. No one shrinks from showcasing something good they have; such are moments one is ready to go an extra mile and ensure the do it to their level best.

Oracom Group endeavours to impact the Kenyan youth through inspiration and training. The journey to the current Oracom has been a tough and long one. Close to 10 years down the age, all we can do to express our gratitude is hold someone’s hand up and encourage them to follow their dreams. Your dreams are always valid no matter how far they seem to stand from achievement.

And because ours is a one-stop shop, we mostly prefer to carry our service providers as may be necessary. That is how Mr. Amenya, the head of Oramedia, our Video and Photography brand found himself at Homeboyz as well. We offer special thanks to G-Money and the entire HBR team for the hosting. You gave us a wonderful opportunity to enlighten Kenya on matters technology; we appreciate.

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