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Pressure regulators

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Pressure regulators
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Supply pressure: 200 bar

Outlet pressure: 4.5 bar

Piston type pressure regulator for a great reliability.

Single stage pressure regulator.

Integrated relief valve protected by the body of the pressure regulator thus ensuring its inviolability and its reliability.

Pressure gauge protected against shocks thanks to a plastic bumper.

Filter at the inlet to prevent the risks linked to high pressure.

It can be used in any orientation for a perfect adaptation to the medical needs especially for emergency.

Flow control knob equipped with a ratchet mechanism avoiding accidental flowrate change.

Presence of a gas flow between two positions ensuring the gas supply for the patient even if the device is accidentally positioned between two settings.

Control knob with large wings facilitating the grip and including a twin display of the selected flowrate.

Control knob with a wide transparent window to be able to read the selected flowrate as well as the previous and the next ones.

Rotating direction: counterclockwise.

Supplied in standard with a Stop system preventing the medical staff from switching from 0 to maximum flow and conversely.

Unit serial number engraved on the body of each pressure regulator ensuring its identification and traceability.

Device to be serviced every 5 years.


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