Young minds in technology – Switch TV

Technology is our impetus! It is the force that drives us at Oracom; all we do is laid on a firm technology base. It is where we start, as well as where we end our processes. 2018 has been a year of learning and taking steps out of the norm. Our objective is to see the tech industry adequately occupied by the young Kenyans. We look forward to a nation that will be sending the youth out from a village somewhere to go offer consultancy in other nations.

Switch TV gave us an opportunity to give Kenya a hint on how such a dream can ever get to be realized. Alphonce Juma, the founder, Oracom Group, together with the company’s Digital Strategist, Eunice Nyambura represented the company and all the youths in technology in this interview.

“It has been a year of experimenting and testing out the market and so far the market and the nation at large is widely accepting us. This has been made possible by the fact that 100 percent of the company is comprised of the youth. It is a known fact that people below the age of 35 are known to bring fresh ideas and are more experimental in nature.” Alphonce Juma

Oracom houses creative youths who are both eager to learn and create outstanding platforms from websites to all kinds of online apps. The digital strategies employed at Oracom are coined around improving companies online presence. Technology is where we are today; anyone standing somewhere else can be sure to remain right there (that is if they are lucky). Otherwise, their destiny is extinction.

Alphonce and Eunice challenged the youth out there who might still be phobic about technology- that they have no more options remaining. The earlier the young Kenyan embraces technology fully, the better for the entire Kenya.

Technology is broad; you need not hold onto some single thing. It is also dynamic, you can only be favoured if you are on the move. If you are the hardworking type who want to persist on something to eternity, you just don’t belong. Technology works for smart people, hard-workers have their niche elsewhere.

Thank you Alphonce and Eunice for enlightening the nation on matters technology. You posed quite necessary and positive challenges there.

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